hIOmon Software and Services

Subscription Extensions

All of the hIOmon WIOP, WIOPF, and REST API software packages are offered as a service upon a 30-day subscription-fee usage basis at the prices shown.  The subscription period starts upon the date of the hIOmon software installation, which must be within a month of purchase.

Extended-use licenses for additional days can be purchased separately for an individual licensed WIOP, WIOPF, or REST API software package.  The extended time period options include an overall period of 180 days (6 months) or 365 days (one year).

Note that the first extension period includes the initial 30 days from the date that the hIOmon software was installed.  For example, the 180-day extension option reflects an additional 150 days of usage from the end of the 30 days when the hIOmon software was installed (for an overall total of 180 days of usage beginning from when the hIOmon software was installed).

A subsequent Subscription Extension extends the subscription from the end of the prior subscription extension.

Details about purchasing and activating a subscription extension can be found here.

Also note that a registered account is required to make purchases.