hIOmon Software and Services

Payment Information

Payment Terms

Software associated with a purchased hIOmon service is licensed and not sold; it is made available for download (or access as applicable) after the order purchase has completed (that is, after full payment for the order has been made).  Similarly, the respective "hIOmon Extension Key" for a hIOmon "Subscription Extension" is made available upon order completion (payment made).  All sales are final.

The download hyperlink for a service software package or the hyperlink for service access are provided in the completed order form.  Likewise, a "hIOmon Extension Key" for a hIOmon "Subscription Extension" is also made available within the completed order form.

You can click on the "Orders" link under "My Account" at the bottom of the hIOmon web site pages to view your orders and to access the hyperlinks and "hIOmon Extension Keys" noted above.

Payment Methods


Order payments can be made using PayPal.  This provides you with a secured means of payment using the PayPal Payments Standard.  No financial details (such as your credit card numbers or bank details) are shared with hyperI/O LLC.

Please note that there is an administrative fee of 5% or minimum fee added to each order paid using PayPal.  Payments are to be made in U.S. funds (USD).

Businesses may make payment using a Purchase Order (PO); include your company name within your account details.  Please contact us regarding any questions about PO payments.


Please note that any and all applicable taxes (including any "use tax") are the sole responsibility of the purchaser.  No taxes will be shown upon your order form.

Shipment Fees

All software packages associated with the hIOmon services are made available by electronic download only.

No tangible media or documentation is made available or shipped in fulfillment of an order.  All documentation is available at this website.  Access to any software associated with an order is in no way dependent upon any tangible media that may have been received prior to or separately from the placed order.