hIOmon Software and Services


This web page provides basic information about the special hIOmon Disk I/O Ranger software package that was used as part of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) “Workload I/O Capture Program (WIOCP)”.



The WIOCP was a project undertaken by the SNIA SSSI to collect contemporary I/O operation performance metrics.  The collected metrics reflect the actual I/O operation activity performed during normal application/workload usage spanning both current client/consumer and enterprise systems.  These systems include desktops and laptops as well as servers, including those running within virtual machines.


A primary goal of the SSSI WIOCP was the use of these metrics to help better understand the particular I/O characteristics of various applications.  The WIOCP provided unique, empirical I/O operation performance metrics that can be analyzed by the SNIA Technical Work Groups, such as the Solid State Storage (SSS) TWG, to gain insights into workload I/O characteristics, key performance metrics, and SSS design opportunities and considerations.

Software Tool?         

The hIOmon Disk I/O Ranger is a commercial, enterprise-class software tool for easily and quickly collecting I/O operation performance metrics in a safe, secure, and reliable manner for both SSD and hard disk drives.

The hIOmon software runs unobtrusively in the background with negligible if any impact upon system performance.  No application, file, file system, device, or operating system code changes are required.

The SSSI WIOCP made use of a specially-tailored version of the hIOmon Disk I/O Ranger software, which provided a quick-install just like the hIOmon WIOP.

Metrics and Information Collected?         

No I/O operation trace data nor file names were collected and that no Personally Identifiable Information was collected.  Only automatically-summarized I/O operation performance metrics (based upon the individually observed I/O operations) were collected and periodically written to standard Comma-Separated-Values (CSV) export files, which can easily and directly viewed and imported into an Excel spreadsheet and other tools.

Please note that the workload I/O metrics collected by the SSSI WIOCP were subsequently contributed to the SNIA IOTTA Repository for free public download.


Additional Information

The following documents provide additional information about the SNIA SSSI WIOCP. These documents are in the PDF format and are available for download from the SNIA SSSI web site:

Curious about what types of I/O operation performance metrics are collected by the SSSI WIOCP?  Visit the SNIA IOTTA Repository and click on the "SSSI WIOCP Metrics" button (located upon the left-hand side of the home page).  The collected WIOCP I/O metrics are available in separate download packages.