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Release of the hIOmon UI AddOn

hyperI/O recently released the "hIOmon User-Interface (UI) AddOn".  This new software provides additional UI components that can be used together with the hIOmon “Workload I/O Profiler (WIOP)” and the hIOmon “Workload I/O Profiler for Files (WIOPF)”.

Storage I/O Performance and the Cloud

A prior blog entry briefly discussed "Storage I/O Performance and the Weather".

Continuing that theme is the topic of storage I/O performance within cloud computing environments.  Storage costs are an integral part of an expenditure for a cloud computing environment. Beyond the amount of storage purchased (i.e., capacity), there is the aspect of I/O operation performance.

Storage I/O Performance and the Weather

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.  The same might be said about storage I/O performance, especially now given the widespread adoption of storage state storage.

So what's the need for a storage I/O performance monitoring tool?

Which Ranges of IOPS Do You Actually Use?

"Input/Output Operations per Second (IOPS)" is a commonplace disk storage I/O performance metric.  It is often mentioned within benchmarking test results/reviews, vendor performance claims, and various ”rules of thumb”.

While both of these IOPS metrics can be informative, they nevertheless provide a rather coarse view of disk I/O performance.

Welcome to the hIOmon Store!

Determining and evaluating disk storage I/O operation performance can be complicated, difficult, and frustrating.

The hIOmon software tools from hyperI/O LLC are here to help.